As members of the Pacific Beach Rotaract we strive to do what we can as a group representing our community to help others reach success. When I first became aware that we had been asked by Barnard Elementary – a local elementary school to assist in raising funds allowing them to host the Missoula Children’s Theater for their students I felt an immediate connection to help. The Missoula Children’s Theater group is the same organization that came to my elementary school years ago. I have some of the best memories rehearsing and performing in school performances under their direction and assistance. I felt excited, and honored to help on behalf of our Rotaract so that these young students could experience the same I did growing up.

Group Exercise

Our Rotaract decided to host a day long event to raise as much funds as possible to support the local school as well as raise awareness for World Rotaract Week. Having recently received a personal training certification we decided I could help by planning a morning work out class for members and guests to attend and raise donations. We asked for $5 per attendee and I led the group through a Tabata style workout of ten exercises. The class was high-energy and a good workout for all that attended.

Beach Cleanup

Following the workout class we continued in our service in cleaning our adopted beach at the “Crystal Pier” with the help of I Love A Clean San Diego. We split off into groups to cover as much as the beach as possible. It’s surprising to see how much trash surrounds the trash cans, as well as how many cigarette butts are left on our beaches. As we scanned the beach for trash people would comment “thank you” and that they appreciated our help in keeping our beach clean. It was an easy way to make a big difference for our beach, and being together made it fun and enjoyable even though we were picking up trash.

Barnard Elementary received our proceeds and below you will see some pictures from their school performance. In total, we were able to raise $300.00 for Barnard Elementary. Although we did not have a lot of time to raise a significant amount of money for the school it was nice to help contribute what we could while celebrating World Rotaract Week. It was important for me to help in any aspect possible, because I wanted the students to experience the same great memories I had performing with Missoula Children’s Theater.

– Caitlin Scofield