District Governor Marta Knight Visit

Having District Governor Marta Knight as our guest speaker to kick off our 2020 year was extremely important for me and one of my goals this year. I knew that our members would be inspired by her message just like I was at the 2018-2019 District Governors Dinner. I was lucky enough to meet Marta when I first became a part of Rotaract in 2016. What I remember about that encounter was how enthusiastic she was about Rotary and her positive energy. Rotarian and Advisor to City Heights Rotaract Marge Cole introduced us, and I remember how excited she was to share that Marge was her District Governor when she was President of her Chula Vista Sunrise Rotary Club. After that moment, not only did we become Facebook friends but every time I saw Marta at an event, I was greeted with the biggest smile and warm hug! Another reminder of how amazing our Rotary family really is.

During the Governors dinner, I walked away inspired by her message, “I will lead you with love, compassion and joy as we make good happen together.” She connected our Rotary theme for the 2019-2020 year: Rotary connects the world. I told myself that I would lead our club the same way. What an honor to be a part of our district’s history, as Marta is the district's first Latina governor. Now, I will do the same as Marta did when I met her and share with people, she was District Governor when I was President of Pacific Beach Rotaract, how cool is that?

As Rotaractors and Rotarians we are people of action and wrapping up from the holidays we could all use a boost of energy to get pumped for the next 6 months of the rotary year. I knew Marta was the woman for this job, her story is one you’ve got to hear. Sure enough Marta did not fail, and her message to our members this time was a reminder that I will leave you with, “We are all ordinary people doing the EXTRAordinary.” Thank you Marta for being the amazing Rotarian that you are, truly an inspiration. - Sesy Enriquez