Last International Assembly in San Diego

San Diego has had the good fortune to host the Rotary International Assembly for the last 10 years at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. This annual training meeting gives incoming Rotary district governors the chance to share ideas for strengthening clubs and improving communities with leaders from around the world. The assembly that took place January 19-25, 2020 was the last ever in San Diego, as it will move to Florida in 2021.

For the 2nd year in a row, Rotaractors from around the world were invited to apply to attend the International Assembly alongside the Rotary district governor elects. A total of 60 Rotaract leaders were selected and flown into San Diego. As the hosting district, we wanted to make the visiting Rotaractors feel welcome so we hosted a Hospitality Night on January 22, 2020.

Our members and Rotaract district leaders Bradley Day and Jessie Case led in planning the event. The evening at the Pannikin Building in the historic Gaslamp Quarter included a delicious catered taco dinner by Tacos Los Chuchys, a photo booth, and lots of new friendships. We created a collaborative playlist that guests were asked to add music from their country to add to learn more about their different parts of the world. We also had a world map where attendees could pin their home city.

Throughout the week local Rotaractors hosted visiting Rotaractors in their homes, showed them around San Diego, and invited them to participate in their club’s events. It was an amazing experience for all involved!