What We Do

Introduction to What We Do

Serve our Local and Global Community

Our club loves participating in hands-on service projects in the local Pacific Beach community and beyond. Each month a few of our members support Think Dignity's Fresh Start Showers program, setting up and cleaning their mobile showers for individuals living in their vehicles. We have sister clubs in both of our neighboring countries - Rotaract Club of Tijuana Oeste and Vancouver Young Professionals Rotaract Club. A few times a year we participate in service projects with our sister clubs. A recent favorite was painting a mural at a community center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Improve our Professional Skills

We love learning and improving ourselves so at each meeting we have an engaging speaker presenting on their work either locally or internationally, often through an innovative nonprofit organization. We also like to mix it up by partnering with Rotarians to offer workshops to our members covering anything from planning for retirement to branding yourself on LinkedIn. You'll have plenty of opportunities to flex your networking skills since our members are welcome to attend our 3 sponsoring Rotary clubs' meetings as well.

Create Meaningful Connections

Our members often join for the service but stay for the friendships. We host social events at least once a month so we can all get to know each other better. Taco Tuesdays, bonfires, and happy hours are staples each year. We're always open to new ways for us to connect - one member even started a hiking group while he trained for Mt. Whitney!

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