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Board of Directors 2022-2023


Nicole Siguenza

I like to help people and volunteer in my community. Rotaract helps connect me with a bunch of different volunteer opportunities and I get to interact with other like-minded people that are trying to do good in the world. More so than other community service groups, Rotaract provides the opportunity to connect with other local Rotaract and Rotary clubs beyond my own. I am part of a larger network of awesome people that extends globally.

Rotaract is an awesome way to connect with other people you might not otherwise, through work/school/etc. You build connections that can extend into all facets of your life while making the world a better place. PB Rotaract in particular is a super active club of young professionals and has some of the coolest and nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Outside of Rotaract I like to volunteer at a cat rescue, color, read, bake, move my body, and tend to my succulent garden.


David Lockwood

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Emma Head

I’ve been in San Diego for almost 8 years, and hope to stay here long term. My favorite activities are yoga, walks on the boardwalk, and trying new restaurants. I am often traveling abroad working in ocean conservation, or exploring for fun. 

I was looking to join a community in my neighborhood so I could get to know others my age interested in getting involved in the community. I have made great friends, spent hours volunteering around town, and had a lot of opportunities for fun through PB Rotaract.

Finance Director

Savannah Benefield

Savannah is a graduate from San Diego State University and currently pursing her MS in Organizational Leadership. She began her journey with Rotary in 2019 but has always been involved with her local community, from volunteering at her local animal shelter in high school to joining SDSU’s Circle K in University.

Outside of work, you can find her at the beach, traveling, hiking, or getting her hands dirty at pottery. Savannah’s philanthropic interests include international education, community support and mental health.

Publicity Director

Julie Johnson

Julie began her journey with Rotary in middle school as she organized an Interact club with her peers for her freshman year of high school. During her 4 years of being an Interactor in highschooler she participated in the Rotary International Model UN, representing Estonia and serving as a Caucus Leader in Chicago and a graduate of RYLA in District 5810.  

When moving to San Diego she sought to be a part of a Rotaract club to continue her Rotary journey and  the Pacific Beach Rotaract Club was recommended to her. During her brief time at the SDSU Rotaract club she was a  facilitator for Camp Enterprise and was the interim VP of  Records.

Outside of Rotaract, Julie enjoys traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, and loves playing with her cat, Astro!

Service Director

Arianna Modesti

I am originally from the SF Bay Area and recently moved to San Diego! As a newcomer to the area I really wanted to find ways to give back to the community while also meeting new people. The rotary itself is a great and well known organization that I always had my eye on so when I saw there was a young adult sector I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back!

It is such a great way to meet people who have similar values and interests as you. I really like that we provide support to many areas within the San Diego community from Polio to homelessness, climate change and more. I feel like my contributions are making a difference and yours can too.

I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, traveling, taking care of my plants and going to try out new restaurants/ coffee shops within the area.

Fellowship Director

Will Hatchett

Will joined PB Rotaract in 2019 with a desire to improve his local community. Will has previously held the position of Director of Fellowship where he facilitated engagement and comradery within the PB Rotaract organization.

Will is a graduate from San Diego State University where he earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Political Science. He is currently an engineering manager for an international biotechnologies company.

Will's philanthropic interests include: environmental sustainability; human health and community support.

Membership Director

Erick Ramirez

Erick’s Rotaract journey began at San Diego State University when he was admitted into the SDSU Rotaract Club in 2016. During his time there he chaired as the Vice President of Recruitment for SDSU in 2018. Erick then joined PBR in 2019 where he was a member-at-large and Membership Director. Erick’s most memorable experience was as camp facilitator in Rotary Camp Enterprise. 

Erick is a graduate from San Diego State University where he earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business Marketing. Currently he is a senior engineer in the semiconductor industry.

Erick’s philanthropic interests include education, research, and health. 


Adam Clausen

David Lockwood

Emma Head

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Erika Rodriguez

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